Multiple component injection moulding

with rotatable index plate

Fully automatic parts removal

ejector plate in extended position

HCP4 production including quality inspection

We are pleased to show you our new Arburg injection molding machine in the production of a complex component for the automotive industry. Here you can see an interlinked process, with automatic removal by a 6-axis robot, which then moves the component in front of a camera to monitor compliance with the SPC dimensions. If these are correct, the component is immediately labeled with a consecutive part number for traceability with a Trumpf laser and receives an individual data matrix code. The quality of the laser engraving is checked directly by a verifier. The robot then places the component on the conveyor belt and, after a visual inspection, it is packed in prefabricated plastic trays using ESD gloves.In the second part of the video, our Zeiss O-Inspect optical-tactile measuring machine automatically measures the component, enabling our quality management team to pass on precise measurement reports to our customers and carry out statistical evaluations.